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I have been a customer for approx. 9 years and they have never failed to process my order correctly and I usually get the products before their estimated delivery time. I purchase medications to treat asthma such as Ventolin inhaler, Singular tablets and Advair when it is available. Their prices are great and as reasonable as paying my co pay here in the U.S. The ones who screw up are the U.S.... Read more

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I have dealt with the company since 2003 and he are legit, you people who have had bad experiences get a life, move on and stop crying goodness. They may call you after ordering and solicit business but I have never had an issue with an order not arriving or being what I ordered. When an order did not come they actually resent the order. I actually received two orders as a result. I think... Read more

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This guy Roger Corrales is all about sour grapes with xlpharmacy. He used to work for them...had a falling out with them and is now trying to compete with them. All that's well then good...but try contacting him sometime. All he wants to know is where you get Viagra from presently and how much it costs. Then you never hear from him again. I've used xlpharmacy for several years buying Viagra. They... Read more

Was this review helpful? 0 0 is very hard to reach, this I will agree. In fact they are almost impossible to do business with online because so many others are trying to break into their business. When you search everything but that comes up. By the way I think Bing is horrible and directs you to whoever pays them the most. The best way to deal with is call them at 1-866-514-2571... Read more

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I paid $25 extra for express shipping (10 day maximum) and tracking. My credit card was charged immediately, but it took 7 days for my order to appear on my account, another 3 to track it, and tracking said it was in India for 10 days. It has been 21 days since I placed my order and it is still not here. Their live chat was less than helpful and my three tickets were ignored. This is not what I... Read more

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I ordered $ 103.00 worth generic flomax on 1/26/15 and was debited on my card the same day. I have sent to complaint tickets [ which were never read ] and phone calls [ first call i was put on hold forever after that just keep getting thanks for your patience for forever. I do have an account and the tracking numbers are not good. My orders are from their sister site when you... Read more

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I just ordered some drugs from xlpharmacy; they don't do PayPal and tell you if you use anything but Visa your shipment will be slower. After I clicked to send the order a page came up with order # and summary to print out, but before I could print it it went blank. I was informed on the order that someone from xl would definitely call me to confirm order, but this was not the case. So I called a... Read more

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I am double pissed. In 2007 I purchased from medicine from XL Canadian Pharmacy. It was OK. Since then I have been getting continuous phone calls from India and emails from people claiming to be tracking purchases I never made. The sender's name changes, so spam block does not work. I have protested on several occasions but these communications continue. I will not do business with them... Read more

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I made an order online it did not go through properly. I called company and cancelled the order. They then billed my credit card and sent nothing. When I called they denied they did it. They also sold my phone number to Indian *** that refuse to stop calling. Beware of this company. I get at least 7 phone calls a day from there Indian telemarketing *** calling themselves Canadian Pharmacy. I do... Read more

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What happened with Xlpharmacy? why suddenly they started all these scams? have you noticed they are no longer .com? now they are .org!! if I were you I would tink about it before placing an order with them, they still in business, they are not located in the Seychelles as everyone thinks. They are in Costa Rica same country where I am from. Now i am working alone doing shipments for a few... Read more

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