Xlpharmacy - Xl pharmacy sold my number

Fort Lauderdale, Florida 5 comments

they sold my number cant stop rcving phone calls, i somehow rcvd a call at work and was the laughing stock because telemarketer told a coworker that i needed to refill my viagra medication, and on top of all this they sent me an email stating they were going to refill my medication anyway. This is not legal!!

I will fight this, better things to do with my life.

xl pharmacy is the worst entity This online pharmacy business is not worth it take heed and do not fall into this trap. xl is the only online pharmacy i went to.



The complaint is valid of them selling our phone numbers etc. I have downloaded Mr.

Number with my smartphone and I block* all private and restricted numbers. I also have compiled a quite extensive list of Rx solicitors of about 50 that I have blocked as well. It is ridiculous. *"Block" It actually answers and hangs up!

Then advises me of the action. I love that.

They will drop me eventually. My calls have dropped significantly by using the Mr Number app.

to THEY SELL INFO Stone Mountain, Georgia, United States #752965

How long have you been working for Mr. Number?


No one sold your number why would someone give away business. A defected employee, got mailing list or there was a security leak.

Xl pharmacy is the best online pharmacy around , and one Of the cheapest.

Same thing happened to me with the spam calls, quit crying. Tell them to loose your number and they will stop calling, Jesus, as far as laughing stock, women live hard *** so the only ones laughing are the kooks not getting any knooky, thats the truth

to David Smo Oceanside, California, United States #679894

You are seriously delusional. This company calls us almost daily. I'd love to put the CEO's personal number into their own database.


Yes they sold my number and email address also!

I get a mail or a phone call every day THESE ***!!!!

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XLPharmacy.com will steal your identity!!!

East Hanover, New Jersey 0 comments
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I placed an order with this online pharmacy 5 weeks ago. They claimed my order had shipped 10 days later. Meantime my credit card had been charged within 2 days of the order. I have yet to see any product delivered. BUT - this is just the tip of the iceberg.

The xlpharmacy.com website claims you can track your package if you create an account. Doesn't work. Lodged complaints, made phone calls. No answers or replies.

Now it gets thorny. Went to credit card website to file a complaint. Found my credit card account was "restricted". Phoned them to find out someone had fradulently uised my credit card in two states I have never even visited within 2 weeks of my conducting business with xlpharmacy.

Stay away from these cheating bastards!

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Xlpharmacy - Pised off consumer

Centurion, Gauteng 0 comments
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I placed ordered my one month ago and got a call confirming the order from a call cnt someplace overseas confirming my order. that was 4 weeks ago i was assured the delivery in under 14 days i still have not received my order . i feel this is a huge scam and do not advise anyone to place an order with this organisation and feel the website host should be held responsible for allowing this scam to persist.

this is the second site i have come across that is shouting foul about this company xlpharmacy i should have listened the short video that was on the on line shopping site that advised off this kind of scam .

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Monetary Loss: $120.

Xlpharmacy - XL Pharmacy SOLD MY PHONE NUMBER

Irvine, California 4 comments

XL Pharmacy sold my phone number and now I get calls several times a day. It's been happening for years.

The callers know exactly how much I paid for my prescription with XL Pharmacy and when the calls first started they would claim they were calling from XL Pharmacy but were clearly calling from India. XL Pharmacy is the ONLY pharmacy other than my local neighborhood pharmacy that I've ordered from. It is absolutely XL that sold my number, though they refuse to admit it when I call them. The worst part is, I was happy with my order, but the years of agonizing, miserable phone calls - most of which are early in the morn - are not worth the hundred bucks I saved on medication in 2008.

They call me at work, at church - always with a different spoof american number, so that you have to answer because you don't know who it is, and that you can never reach if you try to call back. XL pharmacy WILL sell your phone number to Indian telemarketers. I happen to be indian (living in the USA) so I know how it works. They sell the numbers to companies that keep large banks of phone numbers.

Then to get jobs as telemarketers, Indians have to buy packages of thousands of phone #s from these companies. Soooo that means I can't just get on the do not call list at the individual companies calling me... I have to somehow get my number off the lists of the central company selling the numbers. Which is, of course, impossible.

And it also means there are continuously new telemarketers buying my number. DO NOT ORDER FROM XL PHARMACY.

They betray your privacy for what probably amounts to a dollar or two they made off your phone number. IT IS NOT WORTH IT.



It's simple. Order from them C.O.D.

When they send the order refuse to accept it. Change your mind. After a few paid for and returned packages ALL on their dime. Guess what ?

You're helping the economy by keeping Fedex or USPS or UPS in business and delivering packages that these slimy indian telemarketers are pushing. Sooner or later you will not get any calls because you are a bad customer. LMFAO I've already refused over six packages.

They call begging me to accept the package and that they will get fired if I don't accept the package. It works !


they shipped as promised, but I have been flooded with phone calls and Viagra spam for the last 3 years. Its not worth it

Big Al 2

I had used XL Pharmacy for several years and was very happy with both product and service. But much changed in the past 12 months, and I don't know why.

First, the review above is correct. XL either sells the phone number or misuses it. Despite repeatedly instructing that I was not to be contacted at home, the calls continued. Often two or three times a day.

It was so bad that I actually changed my phone number. Considering that most people purchasing online value discretion, the owners of XL decided to destroy the goodwill they developed. The second issue, is that several years ago, any customer complaint was immediately addressed. I have 4 support tickets posted, and XL Pharmacy never had the courtesy to answer a single one.

It was very disappointing because an online transaction depends on trust.

I valued XL as a reputable supplier, and so it was with a great deal of reluctance that I stopped doing business with them. I can no longer recommend them, and my entire experience has made me very reluctant to do any business with any online pharmacy.

to Big Al 2 San Jose, San Jose, Costa Rica #623192

they were stablished in Costa Rica then they Canadian guy (the boss) decided to move operations to India in order to cut the costs but it seems that it didnt work!

I used to work for them and I never agreed with the service plus the *** internal policy.

Now I ship orders myself, alone, if anyone needs Viagra or Cialis at good prices using PayPal please let me know, I do ship from Costa Rica not from India, I do not do telemarketing, if you need something then you call me.


Skype: roger.corrales29

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Xlpharmacy - Fake tadalafil and no response to complaints

Perth, Western Australia 0 comments
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I've been using XLPharmacy for a few years with no problems. Now I have nothing but problems. The so called 24/7/365 help desk sends you round in circles. If I phone the Australian hotline, I get a message saying the number is currently unavailable. If I phone the international number there is no response whatsoever. This has been happening for 2 months now. They never have replied to my complaints.

Worse still, the Tadalafil that I bought from them is fake. I have been successfully using this product for a number of years and I know what to expect but my last batch are complete fakes. Unfortunately I will be contacting my bank (Visa) and informing them so that they are unable to accept Visa cards.

XLPharmacy request that they be given the chance to fix any problems before contacting your bank. But that is impossible because XLPharmacy is not contactable.

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Xlpharmacy - XL Pharmacy good product bad service

Tampa, Florida 0 comments

XL Pharmacy....their product for the most part is good but their shipping service is not so good. Sometimes it takes more than three weeks to receive your product even though you pay extra for express shipping.

They say it's the fault of USPS but I can track my stuff back to Bombay where it's not delivered to the PO. Also their customer service is just fair. When I call a customer service rep to complain about the service their answer is to just send the product back when I recieve it.

That's crazy....it's not a very good way to take care of your customers. Reminds me of "Peggy" on the commercial.

Xlpharmacy is NOT a scam, Great Service

Not resolved

I will always buy my generic medications from Xl pharmacy. The recent sample pack from Xl Pharmacy.com worked for me and arrived on time.

Not only do the medications work excellent but also the quality of services I receive from XL Pharmacy is far superior to the service provided by other companies that I have ordered from in the past.

When I did have a problem in the past with an order they replaced it at no cost and refunded my original purchase price.

They are located in India and my orders are shipped from a pharmacy in India.

I would never hesitate to buy from Xl pharmacy.

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Xlpharmacy has Great Service and Products

Not resolved

I have been ordering from xlpharmacy for many years now and I am very happy with their services and products. I am tired of seeing so many FALSE complainant posted by their competitors so I finally decided to post my own.

My orders almost always arrive on time and if my order is delayed by customs they have always replaced my order for free and upgraded my shipping to Express at no additional cost.

I have always received my orders and I am very happy with the products and will continue to buy from them. They always have the best prices and they keep their word.



how long have you worked at XL? The enraged posts from former customers are not coming from competitors, they are coming from victems. By the way, whats your phone number and home address?


Yes I agree with you !

Xlpharmacy - XP Pharmacy Scam

Bolingbrook, Illinois 2 comments
Not resolved


I received a call from a salesman from XL Pharmacy that I could order 300 Flomax, .4mg pills with no prescription for $289.00. This is less than half the price I would pay locally. I agreed to order and sent a Western Union money order for $289.00 plus $10.00 fee to Rineets Shaia in India on 11/10/2010.

I then received a call from a different salesman from XL Pharmacy stating that I cannot get a quantity of 300, but for $229.00 I could get a minimum order for 600 pills. Reluctantly, I sent a Western Union money order for $229.00 plus $10.00 fee to Nelson Francis in India on 12/03/2010.

I then received a call from Alex Brown, from XL Pharmacy stating that my order was held up in Florida customs and XL pharmacy would pay $200.00 and I would pay $200.00 for a total of $400.00 to customs.

Paul Lee from the XL Pharmacy warehouse called and stated that Alex was dishonest and Paul would ship my order for $129 Western Union money order to a Flora Francis in India.

Jack Horn, alias MD Shami from Bengal, India sent me email stating that he was the senior manager from Customs department of XL Pharmacy and they will cancel my order and refund me $800.00 if I placed an order for 300 Flomax pills for $279.00.

I was then bombarded with phone calls and email messages from Alex Brown stating that he was the only legitimate representative and if I sent $200.00, I would receive my pills. He provided the order numbers (607182 and 607183). I sent a Western Union money order for $200.00 plus $10.00 fee to M. SHAHABUDDIN, West Bengal, India.

I am still getting emails and phone calls from Alex Brown stating that I need to give him another $200.00 for customs, since XL Pharmacy does not want to lose money. He is threatening me to send order back to the warehouse.

I filed a complaint (no. 28678848) with econsumer.gov. The moral is that if it sounds too good to be true, it's not. I will not send any more money and they refuse to send me my money or anything else.

Do not do any business with these people, especially from India.

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I have been buying at Xlpharmacy for over 5 years without any problems.

They are a good company and they only accept credit cards. Who ever called you was not Xlpharmacy. These guys are always under attack by their competitors because they are the oldest and most trusted site online.


It was not XLpharmacy. They only work with credit cards or checks.

Also, you cannot buy more than 300 pills of the same kind in one order.

If you are from USA, you will know that they only work with the USPS, so you are always able to track your pack. You have been scamed by someone else.

Xlpharmacy - Got my package in 6 days =]

Lake Elsinore, California 0 comments

I bought Bactrim on the 5th and I am proud to say that I received my shipment perfectly 6 DAYS LATER!! I probably went on 15 websites [the top 15 websites posted on this website] and I looked for the one that offered the fastest shipping.

I found XL Pharmacy and then researched it to see if the website was a scam or legitimate. I found biased reviews everywhere I looked, and then came across one that blamed the customers for not calling to inquire about their "missing package". Apparently, the website had shipped the package as promised, but it had been held up in US customs.

After all my researching, I decided to go ahead and purchase from them. I entered all my information, and as stated I recieved a phone call from some dude in India, asking to verify my information, and also to tell me they were making some modifications to the website and needed my VISA information. At this point, I was iffy about the whole thing, but I went ahead and told him, and he told me that I would recieve an email with the tracking number [since I paid for express shipping].

I don't think I recieved that email, but I recieved my package on the 11th. I was astounded, because I was going to call that same day and ask about my tracking number, but my shipment from INDIA had already arrived to my house in CALIFORNIA. I am very happy with their service and will definitely buy from them if I ever need to.

It because of the horrible reviews that I found online that I decided to take the time and give a detailed report of my experience with this vendor. I would recommend to get express shipping, because it seems to take longer to get through customs, but either way should be fine, because when I opened my package, there was basically a prescription from a doctor - it stated the dose and how long it should last. Like I said, I was very happy with their service, friendliness and userfriendly website.

I am also posting this on other websites, in case you re-read this =P

thanks for reading

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Monetary Loss: $45.

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